ALERT: Young Father-of-Two, James Tran, Missing From Seattle (see share photo)
Dec 7, 2015,

Shown in the snapshot below, James Tran was reported missing by his wife after he failed to return to their Seattle residence from running an evening errand on the first of December. 

Where should we bury bodies of terrorists?
Dec 7, 2015,

France is just one of a number of countries now grappling with a moral and morbid new dilemma: 

Where should we bury the bodies of terrorists?

Body in Barrel Victim of a Homicide - Nebraska
Dec 7, 2015,

Police are investigating a Nebraska farmer’s grisly find in a creek over the weekend as an “obvious” homicide. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Star Busted for Domestic Violence - NY
Dec 7, 2015,

Shown below, Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon was busted this autumn in upstate New York for trying to strangle his girlfriend. 

Missing 19yo Brenner Wolfe Found Dead in Oklahoma Creek (photo)
Dec 6, 2015,

Oklahoma missing man Brenner Wolfe, 19, disappeared on Thanksgiving day -- volunteer searchers found his body in a creek on Saturday. 

Islamic Vegan Witch Killers Up for Parole in Frisco - CA
Dec 6, 2015,

PHOTOS: A pair of elderly Islamic vegans who were sentenced to die in prison for killing people the couple perceived were “witches” draining their “yogic powers” might be eligible for parole someday. 

Ex Olympian Jenner Sued in Case of Vehicular Homicide - CA
Dec 6, 2015,

California officials declined to pursue criminal charges against ex Olympic athlete Jenner for causing multiple casualties and one fatality in a car crash last winter.