Couple Who Killed and Fed Son to Pigs Charged with Murder - Kansas
Dec 12, 2015,

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones below are accused of “torturing or cruelly beating” their 7-year-old son to death then dumping his corpse in their Kansas City pigsty. 

Did Radicalized San Bernardino Couple Dump Evidence in Seccombe Lake?
Dec 11, 2015,

Divers resumed searching the depths of Seccombe Lake today for evidence they think the San Bernardino shooters may have dumped there before or after their terror attack on a community center. 

Racist Cop Who Serial Raped Black Women Weeps When Convicted - Oklahoma
Dec 11, 2015,

PHOTO: Serial rapist cop Dan Holtzclaw wept as an Oklahoma jury pronounced him guilty yesterday of over a dozen charges related to sexual battery of 13 black women while in uniform. 

Missing Man Michael Cavallari has Been Found Dead (photo)
Dec 11, 2015,

A corpse believed to be that of missing man Michael Cavallari (below) has been found beneath a rocky bluff not far from where his crashed car was discovered late last month. 

MISSING PERSONS ALERT: Nancy Bromet Garcia, 37 of FLA (photo)
Dec 11, 2015,

ALERT: Worried loved ones of Nancy Bromet Garcia (below), and the Florida police, are seeking the public’s help in solving her missing persons case. 

Runaway train was tampered with by someone who knew what they were doing.
Dec 11, 2015,

Investigators have indicated that yesterday’s runaway train, which took off for Boston from Braintree MA with riders onboard but no driver, was “tampered with.” 

The Monster of Monserrate Confesses to 16 Serial Killings (photo)
Dec 10, 2015,

Columbian officials have a 37-year-old suspected serial-killer in custody dubbed the Monster of Monserrate.