Not a Happy Easter for Family of Anjelica Hadsell
Apr 5, 2015,

While a happy Easter for most, the family of missing student Anjelica Hadsell somberly awaits word of the most recent effort to locate the girl, or at least her bodily remains. 

#WARNING: Secular Blogging is a Dangerous Profession
Apr 4, 2015,

Secular blogging in some parts of the world is proving to be an extremely dangerous occupation now. 

Kenya Attack Proves al-Shabaab Too Weird to Be Believed
Apr 4, 2015,

The attack on defenseless Kenya university students by al-Shabaab thugs this week was so gratuitously gruesome as to permanently suspend belief in their alleged cause. 

Twisted Gamer Shot His Pal and a Selfie
Apr 3, 2015,

A twisted gamer shot his pal and a selfie of the victim, resulting in his arrest this week for homicide and firearm violations. 

Germanwings Cell Video is “Fake” (black box #2 found)
Apr 3, 2015,

Crash scene experts say Germanwings cell video is fake, despite renewed assurances by the European  media outlets claiming they have the questionable footage that it’s the “real” thing. 

KKK and Prison Guards Plotted to Kill Black Inmate
Apr 3, 2015,

A murderous mishmash of KKK and prison guards plotted a black inmate’s murder, Florida officials report. 

That’s landed the bunch of hoods in jail themselves, as the FBI continues to investigate the matter.

Another Getty Grandson Dies Troubled and Young
Apr 2, 2015,

Yet another Getty grandson dies troubled, young, and under vexing circumstances.