Raped and Pregnant Paraguayan Girl Sparks Abortion Debate
May 11, 2015,

The case of 10-year-old Paraguayan rape victim who’s five months pregnant has sparked a fierce but rather futile debate on that country’s abortion laws -- the staunchly Roman Catholic nation outlaws abortion unless a pregnant female’s life is endangered by com

Boston Beach Brawl
May 11, 2015,

Officials say Sunday’s Boston beach brawl was likely attended by nearly 200 beachgoers, although only a minority of those rowdies actually got themselves arrested. 

Missing Person Alert: Jon Steindorf (photo)
May 11, 2015,

This missing person alert is for Jon Steindorf, 23, who is believed to have disappeared from the Penn State university area last week and may be in crisis. 

71 Jihadist Sleepers in America (says ISIS)
May 10, 2015,

Islamic terrorists say 71 Jihadist sleepers are currently stationed on American soil, just waiting in the wings somewhere for their kill orders. 

Angelika Graswald Updates (weird twists and a pricey defense)
May 10, 2015,

Latest updates on the Angelika Graswald whodunit are generating more questions than answers, and now it seems she may have been falsely arrested, too. 

Two Nabbed for Photobucket Breach
May 10, 2015,

Hackers responsible for the Photobucket breach this year profited by selling users’ passwords and other highly sensitive data, says the Justice Department. 

Masonic Occult Police Force Busted
May 9, 2015,

An occult police force in existence “for more than 3000 years” and headed by rogue Masons with ties to California’s attorney general was outed this week, and three of its top “cops” charged with impersonating law e