Deadbeat Dad Dodged Child Support by Killing His Toddler (convicted)
May 14, 2015,

A truly heartless deadbeat dad who threw his 4-year-old daughter off a cliff in California just to avoid child support payments got the book thrown at him this week. 

Hammer Man Apprehended in NYC
May 14, 2015,

Police arrested the hammer man responsible for randomly attacking at least four people this week in New York City. 

Confession Motive in Kayak Killing.
May 14, 2015,

Accused killer Angelika Graswald not only provided police with a credible motive for the Hudson River kayak killing of her wealthy fiancé last month, but a confession, they claim. 

Was Amtrak Engineer Out to Lunch or Texting?
May 13, 2015,

Sources say the Amtrak engineer at the helm when his train hurtled off the tracks at 107 mph -- killing at least seven and injuring hundreds -- has lawyered up and is refusing to cooperate with investigators. 

Utah Teen Convicted for Bonnie and Clyde Crime Spree.
May 13, 2015,

Utah teen Meagan Grunwald is facing a life sentence, now that a jury has found her guilty of the murderous Bonnie and Clyde crime spree she and her deceased boyfriend perpetrated last winter. 

Felony Poisoning Charge for Evil Roommate
May 13, 2015,

Another evil roommate faces felony poisoning charges for maliciously tampering with her housemates’ food, this time in the state of Maryland.