Who Shot Who in Outlaw Motorcycle Club Brawl?
May 19, 2015,

Over 170 in the outlaw motorcycle club shootout that left nine bikers dead and 18 wounded have now been arrested, amid heightened police security and reports of retaliation threats against the cops who fired upon them. 

Mystery of DC Mansion Murder and Arson Deepens (photo)
May 19, 2015,

Police say the DC mansion murder and arson of an affluent family last Thursday was likely perpetrated by at least one individual with whom the victims were well acquainted. 

UK Nurse Who Used Insulin to Kill Patients Convicted
May 18, 2015,

A UK nurse who used insulin to kill patients at Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital has been convicted of murder today. 

drive-by leaves rapper Chinx dead, pal wounded
May 18, 2015,

New York rapper Chinx died in a drive-by shooting early Sunday morning, shortly after completing his performance at Brooklyn’s popular Club Red Wolf

Biker Bloodbath leaves Nine Dead (18 wounded, 100 arrested)
May 18, 2015,

Nine battling bikers died over the weekend during a major shootout between rival gangs that police say included knives as well as “brass knuckles, chains, clubs and firearms.” 

POI Sought in Quadruple Killing and Mansion Fire (see video-link)
May 17, 2015,

Police seeking a POI in the quadruple killing and mansion fire of a prominent Washington D.C. family are asking the public for help in apprehending the suspect.