Midazolam Executions Cruel and Unusual Punishment?
Apr 29, 2015,

Today, lawyers for murderers awaiting execution in Oklahoma argued in the United States Supreme Court that the use of the sedative midazolam in executions violates the Eighth Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment, beca

Sierra Pippen Arrested for Public Intoxication (and peeing)
Apr 29, 2015,

Twenty-year-old Sierra Pippen, the daughter of NBA great Scottie Pippen, was arrested over the weekend for staggering into the lobby of the Sheraton Inn hotel in Iowa City and peeing on the floor before staggering out again. 

Erica Alonso Found Dead
Apr 29, 2015,

The decomposed body of Erica Alonso was stumbled upon late Monday night in a dry creek bed of the Cleveland National Forest preserve by a team of biologists. 

BALTIMORE RIOTS: “Space” the Final Frontier
Apr 28, 2015,

Baltimore riots continued into the morning, even despite the presence of National Guardsmen, and some observers think that recent off-the-cuff remarks made by the embattled city’s mayor aren’t helping the situation. 

Bumble Bee Tuna Charged For Cooking Employee
Apr 28, 2015,

Two Bumble Bee tuna execs were charged yesterday in the death of a worker who was accidentally cooked in a factory oven with 12,000 pounds of fish. 

Is James Holmes Barking Mad, or Crazy Like A Fox?
Apr 28, 2015,

Was James Holmes merely a cunning mass murderer when he shot up the Aurora Colorado movie theater in 2012, or was he in the throes of a psychotic episode that made him violently delusional? 

BREAKING: Baltimore in State of Emergency as National Guards Takeover
Apr 27, 2015,

BREAKING:  Baltimore in state of emergency tonight as National Guard is activated to take control of the city on orders issued by Maryland's governor, Larry Hogan.