Confiscated Ivory Smashed to Smithereens in NYC
Jun 20, 2015,

Over a ton of confiscated ivory was ceremonially smashed to smithereens in Times Square yesterday to demonstrate a zero-tolerance for elephant poaching and the illicit ivory trade. 

Google Bans Revenge Porn.
Jun 19, 2015,

If Google bans revenge porn in its search results by next month, the malicious images will probably still exist somewhere, they’ll just be a lot harder to find. 

Teen Who Stomped a Baby to Death For Crying Charged with Murder
Jun 19, 2015,

A teen who stomped a baby to death for crying while he was babysitting her this month will be tried for murder now. 

Convenient Confusion Over Kennewick Man Resolved (at last)
Jun 19, 2015,

Confusion over who the Kennewick Man is “most likely” related to has finally been resolved this month, after DNA testing finally proved the obvious: He’s a Native American. 

How Did 243 Medicare Crooks Bilk Nearly a Billion Dollars?
Jun 19, 2015,

Across the U.S., 243 Medicare crooks accused of bilking the government of over $700-million worth of phony fees were arrested this week, in the largest bust of its kind to date. 

Rare Tbilisi Zoo Tiger Killed After Eating Man (Georgia)
Jun 18, 2015,

A rare Tbilisi Zoo tiger was shot to death yesterday after the starving beast attacked a man and attempted to devour him. 

Scottish Honor Box Heist Crime of the Century for Wee Town
Jun 18, 2015,

The Scottish honor box heist in the tiny island town of Canna has all 20 of its residents eyeing each other with a wee bit of suspicion now.