Mohammed Morsi Death Sentence Upheld and Condemned.
Jun 16, 2015,

America once again condemned the Mohammed Morsi death sentence, upheld by an Egyptian court on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. 

#BREAKING: Cardinals Hacked the Astros Says FBI
Jun 16, 2015,

The Saint Louis Cardinals hacked the Astros this year, illegally mining the latter baseball team’s most guarded info via a protected network database, according to FBI and Justice Department officials. 

Missing McStay Family Murder Weapon was a Sledgehammer
Jun 16, 2015,

The missing McStay family murder weapon was a sledgehammer and there is ample grounds for the accused ex convict charged in their beating deaths and disappearance to stand trial, a California judge has just determined. 

Crock Pot Killer Who Lost her Lid Sentenced (Detroit)
Jun 16, 2015,

The crock pot killer who lost her lid and beat a friend to death with a slow-cooker during an argument over politics last autumn has been sentenced by a Detroit judge to at least 23 years in prison. 

Night of the Swarming Mayflies (part 2)
Jun 15, 2015,

Pennsylvania’s night of the swarming mayflies was held over for a repeat performance, officials say, in a scarily-bizarre freak phenomenon that’s now threatening to become an everyday occurrence. 

Cannibals Developed Immunities by Eating Human Brains
Jun 15, 2015,

Researchers say cannibals developed immunities to certain killer diseases in the 20th-century by eating the brains of their victims