Suspect in DC Quadruple Murder is Assistant to Slain Exec.
Jun 5, 2015,

A new suspect in the DC quadruple murder of millionaire Savvas Savopoulis, his wife, 10-year-old son and maid last month is the dead businessman’s own assistant. 

Chili's Sued for its Spiteful Spitting Waiter.
Jun 5, 2015,

A Chili's waiter who spitefully spat into a customer’s drink last summer has been charged with the offensive offense, and the restaurant itself sued, after a DNA test proved he was the owner of the gross gob. 

Freezer Mom Admits Bloody Murder (in court)
Jun 4, 2015,

Detroit’s scary Freezer Mom, charged with torturing and killing two of her four youngsters and then stuffing their bodies in an icebox, confessed in court to the double murder today at the top of her lungs

High Murder Rates in Users of Xanax, Klonopin AND IBUPROFEN
Jun 4, 2015,

New research shows frighteningly high murder rates for those who use popular painkillers, sedatives and antidepressants, with the biggest increased risk for lethality posed by ordinary anti-inflammatory products like ibuprofen. 

Addled Gamer James Holmes Increased Own ‘Worth’ Per Victim (photo)
Jun 4, 2015,

Psycho-gamer James Holmes says he increased his own net “value” for every victim he chalked up in the 2012 Colorado theater shooting, and “regrets” only that some of those game points were earned by slaying a 6-yea

Missing Alaska Family Died in Murder Suicide.
Jun 4, 2015,

Police say the long missing Alaska family, whose remains were discovered and confirmed in March, died in a murder suicide last year. 

Skull of Missing Cali Woman Found in River.
Jun 3, 2015,

The skull of missing Cali woman Danielle Bertolini which was found this March in a northern California riverbed has been identified this week, Humboldt County police are reporting.