Subway Copper Thieves Belong Behind Iron Bars Says NYC
Jun 2, 2015,

Subway copper thieves brought NYC's underground transit system to a screeching halt last week after a midnight heist of over 500-feet of vital railway cable. 

Twisted Torturer of Abused Dog Caitlyn Apprehended (warning graphic photo)
Jun 2, 2015,

Police say the torturer of abused dog Caitlyn -- who was found last week with her muzzle taped so tightly shut it caused lasting injuries to her tongue and mouth -- has been caught. 

Mila Kunis Stalker Escapes Psych Ward (at large)
Jun 1, 2015,

The loony Mila Kunis stalker who has twice been convicted for hounding the film star has escaped from his mental facility and is currently still at large

Vogue Poser Bruce Jenner Sued For Manslaughter (pic)
Jun 1, 2015,

While Bruce Jenner is spending a fortune to look like a Vogue model, the family of a woman he negligently killed this winter hopes he’s keeping some of his millions to compensate them for her wrongful death

HOLY TOLEDO: Funeral Home Collected Corpses Instead of Burying Them
Jun 1, 2015,

Ohio officials urge those who’ve used a Toledo funeral home for burial services of a dearly departed loved one this year to contact the Lucas County Coroner’s Office at 419-213-3900 without delay

Frat Spat at Tufts Leaves Two Stabbed
Jun 1, 2015,

A frat spat at Tufts University on Sunday left two non-matriculated Boston men with stab wounds, one of whom remains hospitalized in critical condition.