Longest Unsolved Murder is Half-Million Years Old
May 28, 2015,

Homicidal hominids have existed for at least a half-million years, say scientists forensically trying to piece together the ancient events that led to a prehistoric Spaniard’s brutal killing. 

K9 Lucas Rescues Ambushed Deputy
May 27, 2015,

An ambushed deputy has K9 Lucas to thank for thwarting three criminals bent on harm and, very likely, saving his life in the process. 

IRS Hack Attack (100,000+ robbed)
May 27, 2015,

The IRS hack attack discovered this week allegedly compromised about 100,000+ taxpayers hoping to see a refund this year, but who more than likely have been scammed of what they are owed via their very own online recordkeeping

Actor Sam Shepard is Arrested Again for DUI
May 27, 2015,

Celebrated actor and playwright Sam Shepard is arrested again for DUI, this time in the state of New Mexico where his latest inebriated mugshot was taken. 

Swedish Student Missing 33 Years Found Dead (photos)
May 27, 2015,

Skeletal remains of a Swedish student missing 33 years and unearthed in 2010 in California’s foothills have at last been positively identified, solving a disappearance that investigators believe was a homicide. 

WANTED: Depp Dogs Pistol and Boo (mugshots)
May 26, 2015,

Johnny Depp and Depp dogs Pistol and Boo have made themselves Australia’s public enemy number one, two and three, simply because the trio couldn’t bear to be apart. 

Bluesman BB King Was Murdered?
May 26, 2015,

An investigation into whether bluesman BB King was murdered or actually died of natural causes this month has now been formally launched in Las Vegas.