Machines, Morality and Murder Headlining This Week.
Jul 3, 2015,

The matter of machines, morality and murder is making crime headlines now after one snapped during an ethics 101 exam it was plainly failing and another viciously killed its human coworker. 

Police Seek Help in Mysterious Murder of Florida Doctor
Jul 3, 2015,

Police probing the mysterious murder of a much loved Florida doctor are asking the public for help in solving the crime and apprehending the perpetrator. 

Body in Wall Could be Long Missing Woman.
Jul 2, 2015,

Los Angeles police are testing a body found in a wall at a rental complex to determine if it’s that of a missing woman who used to live in the place. 

Whole Foods Wholly Admits to Overcharging Customers in NYC
Jul 2, 2015,

Under threat of investigation, Whole Foods wholly admits to overcharging customers today … at least those who purchased their pricey produce in New York City. 

Missing Maricopa Couple was Murdered (suspect in custody)
Jul 2, 2015,

Arizona officials believe a missing Maricopa couple was murdered and have a suspect in custody today, after finding two sets of human remains on his property. 

Munchausen by Proxy Poisoner Jailed (Ohio)
Jul 2, 2015,

Ohio has sentenced a Munchausen by Proxy poisoner to six years in prison this month for deliberately sabotaging a child’s heath and medical care. 

#BREAKING - Active Shooter Lockdown (Washington Navy Yard)
Jul 2, 2015,

An active shooter lockdown at Washington’s Navy Yard near the U.S. capitol has just been declared this morning, as police seek for at least two gunmen. 

No casualties have yet been reported on the 41-acre military complex.