Frenchwoman Who Killed All Her Newborns Got Only 9 Years (Paris)
Jul 4, 2015,

A demented Frenchwoman who killed all her newborns got only 9 years in prison this week -- hardly more than a year for each of her eight tiny victims. 

Police ask can you ID dead girl in trash bag? (photo)
Jul 3, 2015,

Massachusetts police need your help to ID a dead girl in a trash bag and have computer-generated the composite image below as a possible likeness of the brown-haired, brown-eyed toddler. 

Sad Judge Who Recognized Defendant Says He Was the Best Kid (Florida)
Jul 3, 2015,

A Florida judge who recognized a defendant robber as one of her favorite childhood playmates says he was the best kid in her school and always wondered what became of him. 

Man Who Killed and Froze His Parents Kills Self in Jail (Oregon)
Jul 3, 2015,

A troubled Oregon man who killed and froze his parents this June has killed himself as well in a jailhouse suicide. 

Machines, Morality and Murder Headlining This Week.
Jul 3, 2015,

The matter of machines, morality and murder is making crime headlines now after one snapped during an ethics 101 exam it was plainly failing and another viciously killed its human coworker. 

Police Seek Help in Mysterious Murder of Florida Doctor
Jul 3, 2015,

Police probing the mysterious murder of a much loved Florida doctor are asking the public for help in solving the crime and apprehending the perpetrator. 

Body in Wall Could be Long Missing Woman.
Jul 2, 2015,

Los Angeles police are testing a body found in a wall at a rental complex to determine if it’s that of a missing woman who used to live in the place.