Trail to Vyapam Scam Littered With Dead Bodies (the scandal at a glance)
Jul 8, 2015,

India’s already sensational Vyapam scam is progressively turning into a massive whodunit mystery too, as both bribery suspects and those attempting to apprehend them have begun dropping like flies

Tallahassee Lassie Slugged by DeAndre Johnson Was Asking For It, Says Atty.
Jul 7, 2015,

A lawyer for fired QB DeAndre Johnson says the Tallahassee lassie who “Mr. Football” slugged with a sucker punch that ultimately cost him a player position at Florida State University, was basically asking for it. 

3 Things in the Cosby Pound Cake Rant You Should Read:
Jul 7, 2015,

The notorious Bill Cosby pound cake rant in which he lambasted the black race for their supposed crimes and neglects has the accused entertainer eating humble pie now, in light of his own nasty deeds. 

Jul 7, 2015,

A missing baby is now feared drowned after police have determined his suicidal father plunged with him into the Connecticut River this week. 

Brutally Beaten Birthday Boy On Life-Support Has Died (Maryland)
Jul 7, 2015,

A brutally beaten birthday boy on life-support from his injuries has died over the weekend, Maryland officials reported yesterday. 

BREAKING: Home of Subway Guy Jared Fogle Being Searched (Indiana)
Jul 7, 2015,

The home of famed Subway Guy Jared Fogle is being searched today, in a criminal probe that is believed to be connected to a child pornography case against a jailed colleague. 

BILL COSBY BOMBSHELL Lewd Use of Ludes Ends Lies and Legacy.
Jul 7, 2015,

The Bill Cosby bombshell this week that he long ago confessed to drugging a woman to have sex with her puts an end not only to his ugly lies, but to a legacy carefully crafted over a lifetime.