Miss Piggy Outfoxes Pair of Pitbull Perps (Florida)
Jul 6, 2015,

Florida police rescued Miss Piggy this weekend and took a pair of pitbull perps into custody who were guilty of harassing and harming her. 

Messed Up Missing-Baby Case Has a Dad Jailed and Family Frantic in Happy Valley CA
Jul 5, 2015,

A bewildering missing-baby case has a dad in jail now and the infant girl’s relatives frantically looking for her, while local police claim to be understaffed due to the national holiday. 

Gobsmacked Google Sorry for App Gaff that IDd Blacks as Apes
Jul 5, 2015,

The latest Google app gaff in which an image ID product tagged a black couple as “gorillas” has the company’s embarrassed execs scrambling for a benign explanation and profuse apologies. 

Man Uses Head as Rocket Launcher, Blows it Off.
Jul 5, 2015,

A drunken Independence Day reveler who used his head as a rocket launcher died instantly, while recklessly endangering everyone else around him. 

More People in Oceans, Not Sharks (graphic images)
Jul 5, 2015,

Experts say there are more people in oceans, not sharks, which has lead to the recent spate of encounters that are costing some swimmers an arm and a leg, and others their lives. 

Missing Maricopa Couple Was Murdered Doing Meth?
Jul 5, 2015,

Police are investigating if a Maricopa couple was murdered doing meth with their neighbor who then used a backhoe to skillfully dig a double grave for them. 

Bronze Statue Honors Little Dog Who Died Rescuing a Child (Serbia)
Jul 4, 2015,

A little dog who died rescuing a girl from a vicious guard dog many times his size has been commemorated in Serbia for his amazing heroism.