A Ted Cruz Presidency is ILLEGAL
Mar 23, 2015, - 0 Comments

Ultra-conservative Ted Cruz may be bidding for the U.S. presidency, but he’s clearly not qualified if he can’t understand that, even if elected, it simply wouldn’t be legal. 

NFL Serial Rapist Darren Sharper GUILTY
Mar 23, 2015, - 0 Comments

NFL serial rapist Darren Sharper copped a last minute guilty plea in Arizona today, avoiding the spectacle of an ugly trial in exchange for a 9-year federal sentence. 

Alaska Family Remains Found
Mar 23, 2015, - 0 Comments

Police say Alaska family remains found on a hiking trail near Kenai likely belong to a couple and their two young children, suspiciously missing since Memorial Day. 

#ALERT for missing student Anjelica Hadsell (photo)
Mar 22, 2015, - 0 Comments

ALERT: Missing student Anjelica Hadsell has not been seen or heard from since March 2, 2015, and foul play is now suspected in her unusual disappearance. 

Naked Girl on Spring Break #Found (pic)
Mar 22, 2015, - 0 Comments

The mysterious naked girl on spring break who Florida authorities have been searching for ever since someone uploaded nude pics of her on Twitter has been located. 

Missing College Student Presumed Drowned
Mar 22, 2015, - 0 Comments

The water search for missing college student Max Maisel, son of acclaimed ESPN sportswriter Ivan Maisel, has officially ended, although neither the boy or his remains were ever found.