Missing Maricopa Couple Was Murdered Doing Meth?
Jul 5, 2015,

Police are investigating if a Maricopa couple was murdered doing meth with their neighbor who then used a backhoe to skillfully dig a double grave for them. 

Bronze Statue Honors Little Dog Who Died Rescuing a Child (Serbia)
Jul 4, 2015,

A little dog who died rescuing a girl from a vicious guard dog many times his size has been commemorated in Serbia for his amazing heroism. 

Maine Grave Robber Stole Burial Tributes Not Bodies.
Jul 4, 2015,

A Maine grave robber stole burial tributes not bodies from a cemetery close to where she lived. 

Pink Flamingos Stolen from Hialeah Racetrack (real ones, not plastic)
Jul 4, 2015,

About 50 baby pink flamingos stolen from Hialeah racetrack grounds may find themselves for sale on the black market soon, if the thieves aren’t caught. 

Dylann Roof Update: More Arrests for Charleston Church Shooting?
Jul 4, 2015,

Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof may have been aided in his attack on parishioners at a famed black church last month. 

Wheelchair-Bound Bank Robber Arrested in NYC
Jul 4, 2015,

A wheelchair-bound bank robber arrested in NYC this weekend had been disabled by a previous shooting, the 23-year-old man informed arresting officers. 

Frenchwoman Who Killed All Her Newborns Got Only 9 Years (Paris)
Jul 4, 2015,

A demented Frenchwoman who killed all her newborns got only 9 years in prison this week -- hardly more than a year for each of her eight tiny victims.