Jul 1, 2015,

A toddler was literally swung to death in a Maryland public park this spring, in a bizarre incident that has just been ruled a homicide. 

Violently Hazed UVA Swimmer Sues Ex Teammates
Jun 30, 2015,

A violently hazed UVA swimmer has sued five of his former teammates for forcing him to abandon his pursuit of a swim career at the acclaimed college. 

Jun 30, 2015,

Thirty primate perps pulled off an escape from Puerto Rico confines over the weekend, after apparently conning someone to help them bust out of the joint by breaking a padlock. 

Almost Half of American Kids Suffer Violence.
Jun 30, 2015,

New research reveals that nearly half of American kids suffer violence in real time, not just in shoot-em-up movies, video games, or television shows. 

Jun 30, 2015,

A young Texas woman missing in Curacao since last week is believed to have vanished while snorkeling back to the Cas Abao beach resort. 

FBI Investigating Clinton Correctional Corruption After Epic Jailbreak
Jun 30, 2015,

After an epic jailbreak, the FBI has launched a corruption probe of upstate New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility.  

No Remorse in Freezer Mom for Killing and Chilling Her Kids.
Jun 29, 2015,

Detroit’s infamous Freezer Mom told a judge today she was indeed guilty of murdering a son and daughter, but felt no remorse whatsoever about the chilling crimes because the kids were “demons.”