Rogue VW Robot Terminated Human Coworker
Jul 2, 2015,

Police consider charges after a rogue VW robot terminated a human coworker this week in Germany. 

McStay Family Murder Suspect Owed Them Money.
Jul 1, 2015,

Prosecutors said today that the McStay family murder suspect killed the California foursome and dumped their bodies in a shallow desert grave because he owed the family’s patriarch about $30,000. 

Police: Sister is Accessory in Slain Sister Coverup (Ohio)
Jul 1, 2015,

Ohio police say a younger sister aided her murderous mom in covering up the killing of her big sister in March 2015 by dumping her slain sibling’s body in an open field.  

Death Sentence for the Sledgehammer Slayings of Ohio Couple.
Jul 1, 2015,

An Ohio killer now faces a death sentence for the sledgehammer slayings of a couple whose daughter he had almost killed 10 days earlier for refusing to have sex with him. 

I think Mommy Just Started a Forest Fire.
Jul 1, 2015,

I think mommy just started a forest fire,” Amber Pangborn told her brand new baby, after inexpertly trying to send SOS smoke signals from the Plumas National Forest preserve where she had gotten lost in. 

Jul 1, 2015,

A toddler was literally swung to death in a Maryland public park this spring, in a bizarre incident that has just been ruled a homicide. 

Violently Hazed UVA Swimmer Sues Ex Teammates
Jun 30, 2015,

A violently hazed UVA swimmer has sued five of his former teammates for forcing him to abandon his pursuit of a swim career at the acclaimed college.