Wounded War Vet Evicted Because of His Service Dog (photo)
Jul 11, 2015,

A wounded war vet evicted because of his service dog must vacate his apartment -- thank you very much -- and do so within the next 60 days or face legal action. 

Dalvin Cook: Another FSU Footballer Busted for Beating Up a Woman.
Jul 10, 2015,

Star college footballer Dalvin Cook might as well stay home now, because, as with his fellow abusive teammate DeAndre Johnson, he won’t be playing for Florida State anymore. 

Bill Cosby Has a Somnophilia Fetish - What the Heck is THAT?
Jul 10, 2015,

At least one accuser claims Bill Cosby has a Somnophilia fetish, proven by his alleged lifelong penchant for having sex with women he’s doped into unconsciousness without their consent or knowledge. 

Police Update Dead Jane Doe Toddler Case (photo)
Jul 10, 2015,

Police seeking help to ID a dead Jane Doe toddler girl found dumped in a garbage bag on Deer Island have added earrings to the computer generated likeness they released earlier this month. 

Slain Body of Jovita Collazo Found Decades Ago in a Desert Grave IDd in CA
Jul 10, 2015,

The skeletal remains of Jovita Collazo found decades ago in a desert grave in California have at least been identified, officially closing her cold case and giving relatives some closure as well. 

Abusive Judge Jailed Three Kids Who Refused to See Their Abusive Dad (Michigan)
Jul 10, 2015,

An abusive judge jailed three kids who refused to see their abusive dad, informing their horrified mother that the trio would be incarcerated for the nonexistent offense until each one reached their eighteenth birthday. 

Missing Man and Grandson Died in the Desert (Arizona)
Jul 9, 2015,

A missing man and his grandson died in the desert, miles away from each other, after the 12-year-old left with the car keys to get help.