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POLICE: Rival Gang of Gangster Dad Assassinated His 9yo Son [see photo and reward]
Nov 6, 2015,

Police now call the shooting death of a 9-year-old “lured” into a Chicago alley this week an "assassination,” allegedly executed by a rival gang of the dead boy’s gangster father. 

CLIMATE KILLERS INC.: What Did Exxon Heads Know, and When Did They Know It?
Nov 6, 2015,

If top prosecutors in New York State have their way now, conniving climate killers like Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum and Shell Oil are headed down tobacco road. 

[PHOTO] Hero Homeless Dog Rescues Newborn Left in Dumpster - Brazil
Nov 6, 2015,

The homeless dog below is being celebrated in Brazil as a hero today for rescuing a newborn baby boy whose mother had thrown him in a dumpster minutes after birthing him. 

Wife and Son of Dead Fox Lake Cop Eyed as Co-Embezzlers - Illinois
Nov 5, 2015,

Sources say the wife and son of crooked Fox Lake cop Joe Gliniewicz, who staged his September suicide to look like a murder, are also being investigated as his co-embezzlers. 

Pennsylvania versus Kathleen Kane: Hell Has No Fury Like a Prosecutor Scorned (photo)
Nov 5, 2015,

WARNING: If state attorney general Kathleen Kane is going down, she’s taking everybody with her -- and, judging by what she has on Pennsylvania’s perverse public officers, that’s going to be easy. 

Ohio College Application Leads Feds to Alabama Boy Abducted in 2002 (see poster)
Nov 5, 2015,

The boy below was kidnapped from Alabama in 2002 but found safe in Ohio this fall, after his college application was flagged because he was listed in a national missing-persons database. 

Missing U.S. Stockbroker Josh Sanchez-Maldonado Found Dead on London Railway - UK
Nov 4, 2015,

British officials have confirmed that missing U.S. stockbroker Josh Sanchez-Maldonado is the man found dead last week at a London railway.