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Bucharest Bar Blaze: Colectiv Death Toll and Arrests Climb - Romania
Nov 8, 2015,

As Colectiv’s death toll rises, Romanian police have made another arrest for the Bucharest bar blaze that’s left hundreds of young people maimed and nearly four-dozen dead so far. 

Why was a Texas Woman Arrested for Reporting Animal Cruelty?
Nov 7, 2015,

The conscientious Texas woman who outed owners of a “porch pooch” puppy for animal cruelty this month was arrested herself, although no charges were pressed against the alleged abusers. 

Spontaneous Combustion: Fiery Death of Pub Owner Probed for Foul Play - Wyoming
Nov 7, 2015,

Wyoming officials are investigating the possibility that a woman who died in a deadly ring of fire at the pub she owns was the victim of foul play. 

SEXTING 101: Scores of School Kids Busted for Kiddie Porn - Colorado
Nov 7, 2015,

Colorado prosecutors are faced with the daunting possibility of having to criminally charge over a hundred school kids for creating and distributing kiddie porn on their cell phones. 

Former Top Aide to Vladimir Putin Found Dead in DC - Maryland
Nov 7, 2015,

Longtime Putin aide, Mikhail Lesin, was found dead in a Washington DC hotel room on Thursday and Maryland officials are probing the circumstances of the millionaire’s sudden death. 

Escaped Murderer Captured After 37 Years On the Run - Ohio
Nov 6, 2015,

An escaped Ohio murderer -- nabbed this week in Minnesota -- had sawed his way to freedom 37 years ago. 

Oscar Juarez, 66, gunned down a Toledo man in 1975 but busted out of the Marion Correctional facility three years later using a hacksaw blade.

CORONER: 8yo Boy is One of the Youngest People to Commit Suicide - Nevada
Nov 6, 2015,

An 8-year-old Las Vegas boy who shot himself in the head last month has entered the record books posthumously as one of the youngest people ever to commit suicide.