Infamous Black Widow Louise Peete is executed in California's gas chamber - 1947

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Louise Peete

by Michael Thomas Barry

On April 11, 1947, Louise Peete is executed in the gas chamber of San Quentin Prison. She was one of only four women executed in the California gas chamber. She was born Lofie Louise Preslar on September 20, 1880 in Bienville, Louisiana. Her childhood was uneventful and she received an expensive education, but was expelled from school for inappropriate behavior.

In 1903, she married a traveling salesman named Henry Bosley; he committed suicide after discovering his wife was having an affair. She then spent time in Boston, working as a prostitute and stealing from her clients. She later moved to Waco, Texas, where she became involved with wealthy oil baron Joe Appel; he was later found murdered, with his jewelry missing. She was accused of his murder, but convinced a grand jury that she had defended herself from rape. In 1913, she married a hotel clerk, Harry Faurote. He later committed suicide after finding her with another man.

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