George "Baby Face" Nelson kills FBI agent - 1934

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George "Baby Face" Nelson

by Michael Thomas Barry

On April 22, 1934, George "Baby Face" Nelson kills Special Agent W. Carter Baum during an FBI raid in northern Wisconsin. Nelson was holed up with notorious bank robber John Dillinger's gang at the Little Bohemia resort but didn't follow the planned escape route. As he was stealing a car to escape, he shot several agents.

The famed gangster was born Lester Gillis but wanted to be known as Big George Nelson. Unfortunately for him, his youthful looks caused everyone to call him "Baby Face," although one had to be careful about using the nickname within earshot of the gangster. After a typical teenage criminal career, Nelson joined Al Capone’s gang in 1929, where he was known for his particularly brutal strong-arm tactics. In fact, his unpredictable violence got so out of hand that it eventually led to his expulsion from the gang.

In the early 1930s, Nelson joined up with bootleggers in California. However, after Prohibition ended, Nelson returned to the Midwest to try his hand at bank robbery. Nelson robbed a series of banks between 1933 and 1934 and was upset when John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd were given credit for his crimes. Despite this, Nelson teamed up with Dillinger in April 1934 and the duo robbed two banks in South Dakota and Iowa. Reportedly, Dillinger was a bit perplexed by Nelson's outbursts during the robberies. After shooting bank employees at both of the banks, Nelson had to be persuaded not to kill them. Not long after the raid on April 23th, Dillinger was killed by agents in Chicago, making Nelson the country's newest Public Enemy Number One.

On November 27, 1934 Nelson was spotted driving near Barrington, Illinois, a rural area west of Chicago. After a chase involving two FBI agents, Sam Cowley and Herman Hollis, an epic gun battle ensued. Witnesses say that Nelson tired of exchanging shots from behind his cover and decided to attack the agents on the offensive. Although Cowley and Hollis fired many shots at Nelson, he charged at them with a machine gun. Nelson killed both agents and hobbled away to a getaway car. The next day, his body, riddled with bullets, was found in a ditch wrapped in a blanket, in front of St. Peter Catholic Cemetery in Skokie, Illinois.


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