The 10 Greatest Heists in History

Mar 5, 2013 - 0 Comments

March 5, 2013

We have a strange history of idolizing criminal masterminds. Even thieves who don’t necessarily share their robbed riches with the poor still seem to retain the adoration of fans who live vicariously through their daring escapades. 

As technology and security evolve, so does the criminal guile that seeks to fleece hidden treasures — it's the darker half of innovation, creating a balanced Ying-Yang of wealth. American industries flourished with the advent of train transportation, until they had to contend with the ferocious Jesse James gang. Large banks responsible for the 1920s Depression fell victim to John Dillinger's string of robberies and drew little sympathy from people who held them accountable for the economic collapse. It’s unlikely we’ll see someone give Goldman Sachs their just desserts, but just this February a crew in Brussels proved massive diamond heists are still very much in fashion.

History has taught us that no matter how big the trap, there’s always a sneaky mouse willing to steal the cheese. Here are some of history's greatest heists.

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