YouTube Star Baby Scumbag Busted in Child Sex Abuse Ring (twitter pic)

Dec 22, 2015

PHOTO: Teen YouTube sensation, Steven Fernandez -- known to fans as ‘Baby Scumbag’ -- and two adult males in his entourage have been busted for luring little girls and sexually exploiting them. 

YouTube Star Baby Scumbag Busted in Child Sex Abuse Ring (twitter pic)

The trio was nabbed in the act last month after a 12-year-old Los Angeles girl reported that Steven Fernandez had enticed her to get in a vehicle with them, under the pretext that she’d star on MTV with him, if she did.

The child was then gang-raped and the promised TV show later revealed to be a cruel ruse repeatedly employed by Baby Scumbag alongside his manager, Jose Barajas, and fellow pro-skateboarder, Keelan Lamar Dadd.

A spokesman for the LAPD said they took the unusual step this month of announcing Fernandez’s arrest and charges despite his youthful offender status, because he and his pedophile cohorts serially victimized many other under-aged kids.

He indicated that evidence so far collected in the shocking case proves Baby Scumbag “used his celebrity as a skater” to solicit numerous young girls and lure them “into a car” where he and his adult cronies attacked them.

California law allows police to release the identity of juveniles who “sexually target minors,” especially when such sex offenders act in concert with adult perpetrators, as Steven Fernandez is alleged to have repeatedly done.

Many of his traumatized victims have not been identified and questioned yet, so police are asking them and/or their legal guardians to [confidentially] come forward to testify against the three serial rapists.

Those disclosures should be directed to Detective Ninette Toosbuy at 818-374-7718 when she’s on duty, or during her off duty hours at 1-877-527-3247. (Anonymous tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or via LAPDOnline[dot]org.)

Professional skateboard performer Steven Fernandez rose to YouTube prominence in 2012 and, because of his fame and that he’s only 15-years-old himself, didn’t expect his arrest on child rape charges to be made public.

As outlined in that criminal complaint against him, the calculating crime spree Baby Scumbag’s been caught at shows he’s definitely lived up to his nickname.

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