Why you have class today and 12,000 New Hampshire students do not:

Dec 21, 2015

Today’s classes for nearly 12,000 New Hampshire students have been canceled, just days before they’re scheduled to take off for Christmas. 

Why you have class today and 12,000 New Hampshire students do not:


The extra unplanned vacation time was awarded youngsters in the Nashua NH school district after administrators received “very specific” threats of violence, beginning on Sunday.

A spokesman declined to provide details about the terror scare, or reveal who in particular the threatening messages were directed at, but said the incident was the first in his region in “eight or nine years.”

Such threats typically come from disgruntled students themselves, he also noted, although recent high profile school closures --such as in Los Angeles -- are proving exceptions to that rule.

Like the electronic warnings which shuttered the entire LA unified school system last week, Nashua’s also cited a specific “day, location and manner” of an attack.

Although those concerned the “student body” of only two area schools, all others in the district were likewise closed on Monday “as a safety precaution.”

The FBI is assisting local and state agencies in the Nashua Schools investigation. Classes are expected to resume there tomorrow morning, if the buildings are clear and no new threats surface.



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