Why Strip Crasher Lakeisha Holloway - aka Paris Paradise Morton - Went Temporarily Insane (photo)

Dec 22, 2015

Sources say homeless Las Vegas strip-crasher Lakeisha Holloway (aka Paris Paradise Morton) calmly told first responders on Sunday “I am hurting, and I wanted others to feel pain.” 

Why Strip Crasher Lakeisha Holloway - aka Paris Paradise Morton - Went Temporarily Insane

A 24-year-old award winning student who’d been homeless at least once before while in high school, Lakeisha mowed down dozens of Vegas vacationers this weekend during a sleep-deprived rampage.

One of those victims was instantly killed when, according to numerous eyewitnesses and survivors, a temporarily insane Holloway “intentionally” drove onto a crowded sidewalk of the Las Vegas strip at least “twice.”

Many other luckless pedestrians were seriously injured and remain in hospital today.

Lakeisha’s 3-year-old daughter was a passenger in the 1996 Oldsmobile throughout the minutes-long vehicular assault, but, like her mother, wasn’t harmed in the deadly havoc Holloway created.

The two Holloways reportedly had been drifting through Las Vegas for the past week or so, en route to Lakeisha’s estranged partner (the toddler girl’s biological father) who is believed to live in Texas.

Lakeisha Holloway told officers that, in the hours preceding Sunday’s fatal road rage incident, she and her daughter attempted to sleep in her sedan at various parking lots and garages, but were relentlessly chased off by security guards.

A “hard-working” fashion designer and model determined to conquer obvious obstacles in the path to success, records show Holloway had no prior criminal record, except for license revocations that resulted when she couldn’t pay her car insurance.

She legally changed her birth name of Lakeisha Nicole Holloway to ‘Paris Paradise Morton’ only a few months ago, in an apparent effort to start her life over with a brand new slate.

Soon thereafter, however, the specter of poverty once more came to haunt and hinder her American dreams again, leaving an exhausted Holloway penniless with a small child, and nowhere to go for Christmas.

Now, she sits in jail on suicide watch for one count of murder and numerous other attempted-murder charges, and her little girl is in protective custody.

Such an incredibly tragic tale -- with no happy ending -- is enough to drive anybody crazy, isn’t it?

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