Over 50-million viewers of dead Baby Doe cannot ID her -- can you?

Jul 12, 2015

Please take a good look at dead Baby Doe in the police artist’s composite photo of her below… 

Over 50-million people have already viewed this haunting portrait online, and yet thus far no one recognizes the deceased and discarded child.

police need ur help to ID dead Baby Doe found on Deer Island MA on 6/25/15
Her body was found thrown away like trash on Deer Island in Massachusetts on June 25, 2015, and ever since then investigators have been trying to figure out the toddler’s name and what she actually died of.

And they’re also determined to find any of her living relatives, too. Because detectives have a hunch the family is somehow involved in this unwanted 4-year-old’s premature demise, for the obvious reason that they haven’t reported her missing.

How Baby Doe actually died though also remains a riddle at present. Mainly because there were no outward signs of trauma on her corpse, and no inward signs of disease or malnutrition.

In the quest to solve this troubling case, at least 20 “credible tips” concerning other missing girls whose descriptions closely resemble that of the dead child were actively investigated.

But, unfortunately, not a single one of those leads has panned out.

Still, unless she came from a faraway planet similar to Earth, someone here in our world is accountable for this dead Baby Doe; and for callously shoving her corpse into a garbage bag and dumping it on a lonely shore last month.

So police are hoping the DNA samples they recently extracted from the deceased child -- which sadly can take weeks to process now -- may aid in establishing links to a family as yet unknown.

In the interim, if nobody else can identify Deer Island’s mystery girl, then perhaps DNA and a little patience will ultimately solve this tragic whodunit.

But only if the toddler or any of her unfeeling people are already registered in a national database, of course.



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