Brutally Beaten Birthday Boy On Life-Support Has Died (Maryland)

Jul 7, 2015

A brutally beaten birthday boy on life-support from his injuries has died over the weekend, Maryland officials reported yesterday. 

Last week 9-year-old Jack Garcia was grievously punished for “sneaking” a piece of birthday cake by his mother’s live-in boyfriend, Robert Wilson.

The 30-year-old violent sociopath is said to have handcuffed the child and pummeled him into unconsciousness for taking the sweet “without permission.”

When first responders arrived at the Hagerstown home that day, they found the victim wasn’t breathing and had sustained life-threatening wounds in the vicious assault -- including to his neck, back, face, buttocks, legs and stomach.

Originally the suspect had been charged with first-degree assault, endangerment and abuse of a minor, but now that the beaten birthday boy died while hospitalized in an intensive care unit, the case has become a homicide.

Prosecutors therefore have vowed to pursue murder charges as well as related criminal counts against Jack Garcia’s killer, pending a full autopsy on the slain child.

In the meantime, Wilson is currently in jail where he can’t hurt anyone but maybe himself now.


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