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Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker" is captured - 1985
Aug 31, 2013, - 0 Comments


Richard Ramirez

by Michael Thomas Barry

On August 31, 1985, Richard Ramirez, the notorious "Night Stalker," is captured and nearly killed by a mob in East Los Angeles, California, after being recognized from a photograph shown both on television and in newspapers. Recently identified as the serial killer, Ramirez was saved from the enraged mob by police officers.

Murderous couple are sentenced to death in California - 1989
Aug 30, 2013, - 0 Comments

coffman and marlow

Cynthia Coffman and James Marlow

by Michael Thomas Barry

On August 30, 1989, Cynthia Coffman and James Marlow are sentenced to death in California for the 1986 murder of Corinna Novis. Coffman was the first woman to receive a death sentence in the state since capital punishment was reinstated in 1977.

Olympic bombing hero turned suspect Richard Jewell died - 2007
Aug 29, 2013, - 0 Comments


Richard Jewell

by Michael Thomas Barry

On August 29, 2007, Richard Jewell, the hero security guard turned Olympic bombing suspect, dies at age 44 of natural causes at his Georgia home. On July 27, 1996, during the Summer Games in Atlanta, a pipe bomb exploded at crowded Centennial Olympic Park, killing one woman and injuring 111 other people.

Serial killer strikes at the University of Florida - 1990
Aug 28, 2013, - 0 Comments


Danny Rolling

by Michael Thomas Barry

On August 28, 1990, the bodies of Tracy Paules and Manuel Taboada are discovered at the Gatorwood Apartments, near the campus of the University of Florida. Their murders came two days after the discovery that three young female students had been killed and mutilated in two separate locations near the campus.

Lord Louis Moutbatten is assassinated - 1979
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Lord Louis Mountbatten

by Michael Thomas Barry

On August 27, 1979, Lord Louis Mountbatten is killed when Irish Republican Army terrorists who detonate a bomb hidden on his fishing vessel Shadow V. Mountbatten, a war hero, elder statesman, and second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, was spending the day with his family in Donegal Bay off Ireland's northwest coast when the bomb exploded.

The Preppy Murder - 1986
Aug 26, 2013, - 0 Comments


Robert Chambers

by Michael Thomas Barry

On August 26, 1986, Jennifer Levin is found dead in New York City’s Central Park less than two hours after she was seen leaving a bar on the city’s Upper East Side with Robert Chambers. The tall, handsome Chambers was soon arrested and charged with murder. The tabloid media dubbed Chambers, who had attended Manhattan private schools, the “Preppy Killer.” The case shocked the city and raised questions about underage drinking, drug use and casual sex among New York’s privileged youth.

Old West Outlaw Bill Doolin is killed - 1896
Aug 25, 2013, - 0 Comments


Bill Doolin

by Michael Thomas Barry

On August 24, 1896, outlaw Bill Doolin is killed by a posse at Lawson, Oklahoma. Born in Arkansas in 1858, William Doolin traveled west in 1881, finding work in Oklahoma at the ranch of Oscar D. Halsell. Halsell took a liking to the young Doolin and taught him to read and write, and eventually made him a foreman on the ranch. Doolin worked for several other ranchers in the next decade and he was widely considered trustworthy and capable.