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Emma Goldman was Arrested for Advocating Birth Control - 1916
Feb 11, 2014, - 0 Comments


by Michael Thomas Barry


On February 11, 1916, Emma Goldman, a crusader for women's rights and social justice, is arrested in New York City for lecturing and distributing materials about birth control. She was accused of violating the Comstock Act of 1873, which made it a federal offense to distribute contraceptive devices and information through the mail or across state lines.

Former Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson was Found Guilty of Raping Beauty Queen - 1992
Feb 10, 2014, - 0 Comments


by Michael Thomas Barry


On February 10, 1992, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is found guilty of raping Desiree Washington. The following month, Tyson was given a 10-year prison sentence, with four years suspended. Mike Tyson rose to fame in 1986 when he beat Trevor Berbick and became the youngest heavyweight champ in boxing history.

First Execution by Lethal Gas in United States - 1924
Feb 8, 2014, - 0 Comments


by Michael Thomas Barry


On February 8, 1924, the first execution by lethal gas in American

history is carried out in Carson City, Nevada. The executed man was Tong Lee, a member of a Chinese gang who was convicted of murdering a rival gang member. Lethal gas was adopted by Nevada as a more humane method of carrying out its death sentences, as opposed to the traditional techniques of execution by hanging, firing squad, or electrocution.

Forensic Evidence Solves Murder in England - 1968
Feb 7, 2014, - 0 Comments


by Michael Thomas Barry


On February 7, 1968, Bernard Josephs returns to his home in Bromley, England, and finds his wife Claire dead under the bed. Her throat had been slashed and wounds to her hands appeared to be caused by a serrated knife. No weapon was found at the scene, and police had no other clues to go on.

Dalton Gang Attempted First Train Robbery - 1891
Feb 6, 2014, - 0 Comments

by Michael Thomas Barry

On February 6, 1891, the Dalton Gang attempted their first train robbery near Alila, California. Bob, Emmett, and Grat Dalton were only three of Lewis and Adeleine Dalton's 10 sons. The brothers grew up on a succession of Oklahoma and Kansas homesteads during the post-Civil War period, when the region was awash in violence lingering from the war and notorious outlaw bands like the James-Younger Gang. Still, the majority of the Dalton boys became law-abiding citizens, and one of the older brothers, Frank, served as a deputy U.S. marshal.

Manuel Noriega was Indicted Drug Smuggling and Other Crimes - 1988
Feb 5, 2014, - 0 Comments

by Michael Thomas Barry

On February 5, 1988, federal grand juries in Florida announce indictments of Panama military strongman General Manuel Noriega and 16 associates on drug smuggling and money laundering charges. Noriega, the de facto dictator of Panama since 1983, was charged with smuggling marijuana into the United States, laundering millions of U.S. dollars, and assisting Colombia's Medellin drug cartel in trafficking cocaine to America. The Panamanian leader denied the charges and threatened expulsion of the 10,000 U.S. service personnel and their families stationed around the Panama Canal.

Patty Hearst was Kidnapped - 1974
Feb 4, 2014, - 0 Comments

by Michael Thomas Barry

On February 4, 1974, Patricia Hearst, the 19-year-old granddaughter of publishing icon William Randolph Hearst, is kidnapped from her Berkeley, California apartment. Stephen Weed, Hearst's fiancé, was beaten unconscious by the two abductors. Soon, a ransom demand came from the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), a radical activist group led by Donald DeFreeze.