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Mali Hostages Radisson Blu Hotel (developing)
Nov 20, 2015,

Some of the Mali hostages have been freed from the Radisson Blu Hotel this morning, when special government forces stormed the building. 

Weapons Klepto Who Robbed Army Reserve Center Busted in NYC (mug shot)
Nov 19, 2015,

PHOTO: Weapons klepto James Morales was pretty easy to track down after he stole 16 firearms from a Massachusetts Army Reserve center over the weekend … 

ALERT: Help Sought in Case of Missing Mountaineer Michael Myers (see photo)
Nov 19, 2015,

ALERT: Missing UCLA physics major and skilled mountaineer Michael Myers vanished earlier this month while exploring the High Sierras and -- possibly -- the Mojave Desert. 

Disgraced Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle Pleads Guilty to Pedophilia and Porn - Indiana
Nov 19, 2015,

Disgraced Subway Sandwich pitchman Jared Fogle (shown below) pled guilty in an Indiana courtroom this morning to charges of pedophilia and child porn. 

Evil Mastermind of Paris Bloodbath Died During Shootout in St. Denis - France
Nov 19, 2015,

BREAKING: French officials have confirmed today that the mastermind of last week’s bloodbath in Paris was in fact shot dead during yesterday’s massive raid on a St. Denis apartment building. 

How a 2009 Arson Solved a 1985 Murder - Ohio
Nov 19, 2015,

An Ohio man who set his property and a neighbor’s on fire in 2009 witlessly paved the way for prosecutors to prove he also strangled his pregnant wife in 1985. 

Striking Teachers Threatened With Dead Animals in Peters Township - PA
Nov 18, 2015,

Pennsylvania police are seeking to apprehend whoever’s been cruelly killing animals and throwing their carcasses at picket lines in the Peters Township school district.