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Inmates Allege Hot Sauce Abuse By Prison Guards
Dec 4, 2012, - 0 Comments

The Smoking Gun

North Carolina warden suspended after sextet's shocking allegations

DECEMBER 4--In the wake of prisoner claims of mistreatment and humiliation at the hands of guards, a North Carolina warden has been suspended while state officials investigate the troubling allegations.

Lafayette Hall, who runs the Sampson Correctional Institution, has been placed on paid administrative leave while the State Bureau of Investigation probes the prisoner accusations, which are contained in a “To whom it may concern” letter sent several months ago to a federal magistrate judge in Greensboro. A second corrections worker has been reassigned.

The July 23 letter carries the name of six inmates at Sampson, a medium security facility. The missive carried the return address of Gary Parker, a 34-year-old habitual felon who is serving a 105-month sentence (and is due for release in August 2015). The inmate letter sought help in finding a lawyer to help file a class action lawsuit against the state prison system.

Wyo. campus killer 'near genius' at odds with dad
Dec 3, 2012, - 0 Comments

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A man who killed his father in front of a computer science class at a Wyoming community college was a "borderline genius" upset by the belief he had inherited Asperger's Syndrome from his dad, an aunt of the killer said Monday.

Christopher Krumm, 25, blamed Asperger's for his trouble keeping jobs after he got a master's degree in electrical engineering from Colorado School of Mines in 2009, said Barbara Nichols, of Bakersfield, Calif.

"Nice to be around. Never caused any trouble of any kind," said Nichols, who'd briefly lived with her sister's family in Casper in the early 1990s.

Asperger's is a mild form of autism. Asperger's is associated with difficulty making social connections but is not normally associated with predilection to violent behavior.

Former Crime Stoppers boss sentenced for stealing from program
Dec 3, 2012, - 0 Comments

Dallas Morning New

A former Dallas police officer was sentenced Monday to nearly four years in federal prison for defrauding Crime Stoppers of at least $250,000 in the years that she oversaw the popular cash-for-tips program.

U.S. District Judge David Godbey called Theadora Ross’ crime an “outrageous betrayal of the public trust” in handing down a 46-month sentence. The judge said he likely would have given her a harsher sentence if not for the fact that she has an adult daughter with Down syndrome and other health problems who relies on her for care.

But Godbey said it appeared Ross was motivated by greed and not concern for her daughter.

“This went on for years, and she recruited other people to help her in this criminal enterprise,” Godbey said. “I wonder if she thought about what would happen to her daughter if she got caught.”

Curacao Police Have New Leads in $11.5M Gold Heist
Dec 2, 2012, - 0 Comments

Associated Press

Police in Curacao said Saturday that they have several leads following a brazen heist in which gunmen pretending to be police stole 70 gold bars worth an estimated $11.5 million from a fishing boat.

Authorities have the license plate number of one of three cars used in Friday's getaway, and they have been asking for the public's help in tracking the suspects, police spokesman Reggie Huggins told The Associated Press.

"There is information coming in," he said. "We are getting reactions from the public, but we still have to sort it out."

Police have said that at least six men were involved, but no one has been arrested in a case that surprised authorities in the Dutch Caribbean island.

Friends of murder-suicide victim: ‘We don’t want her to be overshadowed'
Dec 2, 2012, - 0 Comments

Kansas City Star

A day after Kasandra Perkins died of multiple gunshot wounds and the boyfriend who killed her then killed himself, friends and neighbors are beginning to describe the young, new mother.

She would take walks with her baby daughter, Zoey, outside their home in the 5400 block of Crysler Avenue in Kansas City, took pride in decorating the home she and Chiefs player Jovan Belcher moved into more than a year ago and hoped to one day be a teacher.

Though most of her family was in Texas, friends say her outgoing personality and kindness helped her build a large group of close friends here in the Kansas City area. There were friends she met at Blue River Community College, girlfriends and wives of other Chiefs’ players and a tight, small group of girlfriends she would grab good food and margaritas with at a favorite local Mexican restaurant.