BILL COSBY BOMBSHELL Lewd Use of Ludes Ends Lies and Legacy.

Jul 7, 2015

The Bill Cosby bombshell this week that he long ago confessed to drugging a woman to have sex with her puts an end not only to his ugly lies, but to a legacy carefully crafted over a lifetime.  

The accused serial rapist, who has all but vanished from the stage since the AP revealed his 2005 court admissions this week, is experiencing more than a little hubris now, and is no doubt worrying about the legal implications as well.

Thus far, several dozen women have said they were Cosby’s date rape victims, in an alleged serial crime spree that stretches back decades when he was young himself, and which has inspired some states like Nevada to reconsider current statute of limitations on such cases.

Of all violent crimes, sexual assault is probably the most underreported, primarily because an overwhelming majority of victims are acquainted with their attackers and the criminal justice system has historically been unkind to women and girls seeking to prosecute.

Even today, albeit law enforcement officers can’t tell victims they “asked for it” anymore, they still give rapists the benefit of a doubt -- and opportunities to reoffend -- when thousands upon thousands of rape kits languish in police forensic labs.

In fact, rape and attempted rape is such a persistent plague for females everywhere, and of every age and background, that there is hardly a woman in the world who hasn’t suffered such a traumatic event at least once in her life.

And for those skeptics who may question that claim, just start asking around. You’ll be shocked.

It’s undoubtedly why multiple allegations that comedian Bill Cosby lewdly used ludes and his stellar reputation to systematically victimize the many young women he came in contact with throughout his illustrious career seemed so credible from the start.

But, despite the predictable protestations and victim-bashing and mudslinging and lies, for one high profile repeat-offender anyway, it looks like the gig is finally up.



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