Seemingly Concerned Wife Suspected Of Diabolical Murder Plot

Jun 2, 2015

A seemingly concerned wife who reported her husband missing this winter has just been arrested because she is suspected of hatching a diabolical murder plot. 

In January 2015, 33-year-old Monica Kelly Rodriguez of Marysville California reported to police that her husband, Juan Miquel Rodriguez, also 33, was missing.

But in May, a tipster who chose to remain anonymous made a troubling report to the police claiming that Monica killed Juan and then persuaded two female friends to help bury his body.

Following up on that tip, investigators began excavating an area in Olivehurst, although they didn’t have to dig long because they soon found the dead body of a man buried in a shallow grave.

Telltale tattoos satisfied authorities that the corpse was that of missing man, Juan Miquel Rodriguez.

The grim and grisly discovery led authorities to seek a search warrant for the home of Monica Rodriguez; and after police investigators searched her residence, they decided they had enough evidence to charge Monica with murder so she was arrested for that crime.

Two other women who reside in Marysville -- Lorena Ruiz, 25, and Maria Vega, 23 -- were also arrested as accessories to the homicide. Police believe that Ruiz and Vega helped Monica Rodriguez in burying her husband’s body.

Authorities have not made public the specific findings that were discovered in the Rodriguez home to back up the information relayed by the anonymous tipster, but it is certain that investigators believe this seemingly concerned wife hatched a diabolical murder plot.

Rodriguez’s murder motive, however, remains a complete mystery, although neighbors describe the suspect as an extremely industrious and devoted mother.

“To me, she looked like a hard-working girl,” one said, adding that “she took good care of her kids. That’s the impression I got -- she was always with the kids.”

Only time and the careful machinations of the American justice system will show now whether or not Monica Rodriguez murdered her spouse.

Denise Noe

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