Seth Ferranti

Seth Ferranti exists, writes, and resides in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He has been in the belly of the beast almost 19 years with his current release date in 2015. The people and subjects he writes about are those that he knows extremely well, being in close confinement with them. He is not only interested in what he writes about, he lives it, as he is serving a 304 month sentence for a drug conspiracy charge. He is the real deal- the Gorilla Convict Writer- penning articles since 1999. His work has appeared in Don Diva, Out of the Gutter, King, F.E.D.S., Vice, FHM, Street Elements, Elemental, 4Front, Get Money, Urban Celebrity and many other magazines and websites. To read his archived published articles go to on the publications section along with all the interviews, profiles, and reviews of him and his work on the media section. His published books include Prison Stories and Street Legends Vol. 1 and Street Legends Vol. 2. He also wrote a short story for Nikki Turner’s Christmas in the Hood, his writing appears in The Baddest of the Bad from Gutter Books, and Money, Power, and Respect from Bandland Publishing. To order his books and read his blog go to A new true crime story appears every month. Seth has earned his AA degree from Penn State, his BA from University of Iowa, and just recently his MA from California State University while incarcerated. There is, it appears, no stopping him.
Jan 17, 2013
Special to Crime Magazine An excerpt from Seth Ferranti’s new book, Gorilla Convict: The Prison Writings of Seth Ferranti. To buy the book or for more information, go to or Amazon by Seth Ferranti I don't know why I became a drug dealer. Free...
Sep 24, 2012
Sept. 24 2012An excerpt from Seth Ferranti’s upcoming book on street gangs, Street Legends Vol. 3. The book chronicles the story of the Supreme Team from its inception to its fall to its rise again. This legendary crew was organized in the early 1980s in Baisley Park Houses in...