Randy Radic

Randall Radic is a former Catholic priest and an ex-felon. His books include A Priest in Hell: Gangs, Murderers and Snitching in a California Jail, and Gone To Hell: True Crimes of America's Clergy
Dec 14, 2009
Dec 14, 2009   Bryan de la Beckwith It would take 31-years to bring white supremacist Bryan de la Beckwith to justice for the assassination of Medgar Evers. by Randy Radic His name was Byron de la Beckwith, but his friends called him “Delay.”  A descendant of...
Dec 1, 2009
A coward and a megalomaniac, Ray Allen gave orders that resulted in the deaths of many people.  At age 76, he was the oldest person ever executed by the State of California.  by Randy Radic His name was Clarence Ray Allen.  Born in Blair, Oklahoma in 1930, he...
Dec 18, 2009
Peter Rollack’s Sex, Money, Murder gang found its niche in running drugs from the projects of the Bronx to North Carolina in the early 1990s. By age 19, "Pistol Pete" was a millionaire and had thousands of "soldiers" in new chapters in Brownsville, Brooklyn, Patterson, Trenton...
Oct 5, 2009
Sept. 30, 2009 Updated June 25, 2010 Caryl Chessman Convicted in 1948 as “The Red Light Bandit,” Caryl Chessman would become an internationally known “Death Row” author and make the cover of Time Magazine. His appeal attorney came within minutes of preventing his wrongful...