Peter L. Winkler

Peter L. Winkler is an expert on the life of Nick Adams, with a personal archive on the actor containing exclusive new insights into his life. He has written about movies for CineFan, Filmfax, and reviewed laserdiscs for Video Theater, where he served as associate editor (1988-1992). Mr. Winkler has also written for "PICO-Laptops and Portables" and "PC Laptop Computers Magazine." As a computer consultant, he was one of the most popular guests on Los Angeles radio station KIEV's program "Executive Money."
Oct 30, 2009
Nick Adams Nick Adams was far more a dreamer than "The Rebel" he would portray in his heyday. At 18 he hitchhiked to Hollywood to become a movie star. A quintessential self-promoter, he defied all odds in making his dream come true, but he could never seem to get out of his...