Aaron Hernandez Does it AGAIN

May 21, 2015

Incredibly, Aaron Hernandez, the formerly promising NFL star recently convicted of murder, is once again in hot water, proving the pro athlete-turned-lifer just cannot seem to stay out of trouble. 

Officials at Lancaster, Massachusetts’ Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center believe that, on Monday, May 18th, Hernandez became involved in a fracas between two inmates.

Reportedly he agreed to serve as a “lookout” for a fellow prisoner who went into another prisoner’s cell to settle a score -- guards later found those two men engaged in a fistfight.

Authorities believe the dispute is connected to gang involvement.

Hernandez, as well as the man for whom he served as a lookout and the one the latter brawled with, are all being punished now, said Souza officials, who’ve also transferred Aaron Hernandez to a part of the institution reserved for what is called “special management.”

CNN tried to interview Massachusetts Department of Corrections spokesperson Christopher Fallon about the incident, but he refused to comment on the grounds that rules forbid him from relating this type of information to the public.

Oddly enough -- or perhaps appropriately enough, given what is known about the general behavior and character of Hernandez -- this is not the first time he's been enmeshed in fighting behind bars.

While he was awaiting trial at the Bristol County Jail, Hernandez exchanged fisticuffs with another prisoner.

The convicted murderer of Odin Lloyd still awaits trial for a 2012 double homicide and is expected in court today on related witness intimidation charges.

Of course, Hernandez is only one of a lengthy roster of pro-football players to have had serious brushes with the law lately, so the NFL might be well advised to screen out thugs, however athletically gifted, from those it brings into its ranks.

Denise Noe

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