What Will We Learn From The Connecticut School Shooting?

Dec 14, 2012 - 0 Comments

Probably nothing. There will be plenty of highly charged talk regarding gun control, the death penalty and mental illness. And some people believe that it’s wrong to make famous those that would commit these most heinous acts. And I guess eventually there would be no more celebrity craving killers left terrorizing the earth.

Listen: Psychopathic killers as a priority want to kill and to experience the thrill of breaking society’s biggest taboo, punishing the "world" they believe mistreated them and their heinous murderous acts as revenge against everyone. As part of their character killers also want notoriety, though not unlike the general public’s obsession with celebrity today.

Real investigative journalists write the definitive non-fiction books about the killers, their crimes, the victims and their families, the prosecutors, police and defense attorneys. Authors do numerous in-depth interviews, often years of research and if fortunate-have an opportunity to question the killers. Why? Because it is critical that we learn something from these tragic events-we need badly to understand these people and their murderous mindset. So instead of calling for an end to giving killer’s any recognition-lets study this case and all other revealing cases and read the material-and have people question these killers-endlessly. Because there is no deterring killers and now that so many want to talk-lets listen-carefully! 

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