A Sicilian Bedtime Story

Oct 14, 2009 - by Allan May - 0 Comments

Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano

Despite what some academics still contend, it's more fable than fact that Lucky Luciano was behind the massacre of mob leaders that became known as the Night of Sicilian Vespers.

by Allan May

I became fascinated by the "Night of Sicilian Vespers" after reading about it in the book Murder, Inc. during the mid-1980s. I repeated the story to friends at work, speaking like an authority and explaining how the Mafia didn’t exist anymore because it was wiped out back in 1931 on the day that Salvatore Maranzano, the Boss of Bosses, the "capo de tutti capo," was murdered in his Park Avenue office. September 10, 1931 was the day of "The Americanization of the Mobs."

Over the years though I became curious. Who were the 40 individuals who perished in one night of butchery? After all, look at the attention the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre generated, and that was only seven people.

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