Serial Cat Killer Charged in San Jose (mug shot)

Dec 20, 2015

San Jose resident Robert Farmer (below) has been charged for a snatch-and-kill spree that’s left at least four pet cats slain, two horrifically injured, and three more still missing and feared dead. 

Serial Cat Killer Charged in San Jose (mug shot)

The 24-year-old accused cat killer and known drug addict is the son of a retired police captain and has a history of violence, especially toward children and small animals.

He began abducting, maiming and murdering felines from his neighborhood early this autumn, frequently butchering them in his vehicle where he reportedly lived at times.

Since September, dozens of domesticated cats have disappeared from the San Jose area, with several of those victims’ mutilated remains -- or their collars -- later recovered from community trash bins.

In an unusual move, police studied surveillance footage and even conducted DNA tests on the body parts of the dismembered cats, to link their kidnapping and tortuous deaths to Robert Farmer.

He now faces nine felony counts of animal cruelty for the exceptionally brutal crimes he committed, as well as one count of attempted animal cruelty and several misdemeanor counts of animal battery.

Farmer was also busted for possessing and using methamphetamines, both of which could boost his sentence considerably when convicted.

However, prosecutors said this week that more charges are likely to be filed against the suspected serial cat killer, as their investigation into other unsolved missing-pet reports continues this winter.


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