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  1. Blood In, Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood

    ... 27, 1967:  Nineteen-year-old Barry Byron Mills was arrested in Ventura, California and held for transfer to Sonoma County, where he had ... an exclusive order of white warriors.  Their motto was “blood in, blood out.”  This meant that each potential member had to “make ...

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  2. In Cold Blood: A Dishonest Book

    ... by J.J. Maloney T he publication of In Cold Blood , in 1966, launched Truman Capote firmly into the top rank of ...

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  3. The Murder of the Black Dahlia: The Ultimate Cold Case

    ... severed, mutilated corpse of Elizabeth Short was discovered in a vacant lot in Los Angeles on January 15, 1947, the search for the murderer ... of a defiled and besieged corpse, lying naked, drained of blood, and severed in two on a weed-infested vacant lot on Norton Avenue in ...

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  4. BLOOD ALCOHOL: Smiley Strikes Again

    ... a blast. But shortly thereafter, at approximately two in the morning, there was a drastic change in that happy status. Ward was ... one problem, though. Matthew Ward wasn't drunk. Blood/Alcohol content At work or on the road, toxicology tests, ...

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  5. Blood Moon Murder and Dismemberment (arrest)

    In the glow of a Blood Moon someone dumped a duffle bag filled with human ... case details “at this time.” The identity of the Blood Moon murder victim has also not been released, pending further inquiry ...

    Eponymous Rox - 04/05/2015 - 09:21

  6. Written in Blood

    ... be quite curious. After being pardoned but not exonerated in the murder of his employer, Omar Raddad risked being re-imprisoned by asking ... stabbed to death in the basement of her house. Written in blood on the inside of the door was the incriminating message Omar m'a tuer ...

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  7. Sober man DUI: Retired firefighter gets DUI for blood alcohol level of 0.000

    ... one’s license, and having one’s car impounded for a blood alcohol level of 0.000 is appalling. To top it off, the sober 64-year-old ... are drunk” is 64-year-old Jessie Thornton from Surprise in Arizona . Jessie Thornton moved to a retirement community in Surprise ...

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  8. DNA from "In Cold Blood" killers may help solve 1959 Florida murder

    ... DNA from the bodies of two notorious killers made famous in Truman Capote's 1966 true-crime novel, "In Cold Blood." Sarasota County Sheriff Detective Kim McGath told Reuters she ...

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  9. Prosecutor: US soldier had blood of victims on him

    ... out of the darkness to the edge of a remote Army outpost in southern Afghanistan . Blood was smeared on his face, prosecutors said, and soaked into his clothes. ...

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  10. The "In Cold Blood" Murders - 1959

    ... of the Clutter family were bound, gagged, and shot to death in their isolated farm home in Holcomb, Kansas. On the morning after the ... by Truman Capote in his bestselling novel In Cold Blood (1966).   Visit Michael Thomas Barry’s official author website ...

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