THE RIGHT STUFF: Hero Teen Footballer Zae Dobson Died Shielding Girls From Bullets (photo)

Dec 19, 2015

When the bullets started flying this week in Knoxville Tennessee, young Zae Dobson heroically threw himself in their path, saving the lives of three girls by sacrificing his own. 

THE RIGHT STUFF: Hero Teen Athlete Zae Dobson Died Shielding Girls From Bullets

The 15-year-old was killed during the “random” drive-by shooting, but the young ladies he died protecting weren’t harmed.

Police said the gunmen were simply on a kill ride when they targeted a group of youngsters that the slain football player was hanging out with in a neighborhood pre-holiday celebration.

Several adult male suspects in a car drove up to the party on Thursday night and “randomly fired multiple times” at the girls and boys gathered on the porch.

One of the shooters later died of bullet wounds himself when he subsequently crashed the subject vehicle into a building further down the street.

It’s not clear who shot him, but two of his accomplices were taken into custody uninjured.

The incident is believed to be yet another senseless act of “gang related” gun violence that’s been plaguing the community -- and the nation -- for too long, a law enforcement official stated yesterday.

But the brave youth who was murdered in cold blood this week for no apparent reason wasn’t involved in those kind of activities.

Zae Dobson’s grief-stricken football coach described him as a “fine, fine young man” who the mayor of Knoxville also identified as one of the city’s rare “success stories.”

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