Pricey Bling Stolen from NY Knicks Derrick Williams During Loft Party - NYC

Dec 21, 2015

Bling worth over half a million dollars was reportedly stolen from Knicks player Derrick Williams by two glamorous females he foolishly invited to his NYC loft over the weekend. 

Saturday’s predawn burglary netted the two suspects more than $600,000 according to the NY Post. But the star basketball player the ladies victimized told reporters “I don’t want to talk about it.”

That odd reaction to being robbed not only suggests Williams is reluctant to press charges against the pair, but that there could be other details preceding their jewel heist which, if divulged, would be embarrassing.

Sources said the sneaky duo who Knicks player Derrick Williams and teammates picked up at a NYC nightclub also offered their victims “false names” when soliciting an invite to Williams’ posh digs to rob them.



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