Oliver Gaspirtz

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Oliver Gaspirtz was born November 20, 1970, in Aachen, West Germany. He moved to New York and married his wife Debbie in February of 1993.

He worked for a small Manhattan-based newspaper as art director and cartoonist until his first book, The Truth About Cinderella, was published in December of 1993. He has been working as a freelance cartoonist ever since.

Gaspirtz operates a website, policehumor.com, where you can view his cartoons, Weird News, links to many other humor sites, and a good deal more.

His award-winning cartoons frequently appear in many newspapers & magazines, including Single-Parent Family, Teacher in Focus, The Medical Post, Hippocrates, Physician, Nutrition & Health Review, American Police Beat, Police, The Police Officers Journal, The Police Shield, Australian Police Journal, The National Times, The Brooklyn Baron, Canarsie Courier, Saturday Evening Post, SUN, American Legion, Funny Times, and Punch, as well as in King Features Syndicate's daily panel The New Breed, a showcase of the best new humorists.

In Germany, his cartoons are being distributed by Deike Press, one of Germany's largest press services, aswell as by PR Service Scherlinzky.

Gaspirtz's cartoons can be found in over a dozen German and American books. His latest books A Treasury of Pet Humor and A Treasury of Police Humor are in stores now.

His work can also be seen in over 20 major cartoon exhibitions around the world, including exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Iran, Japan, and The United States. The International Museum of Cartoon Art in Boca Raton, The Okhotsk Museum of Cartoon Art in Japan, The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, The Ludwig Forum (Museum of Modern Art) in Aachen, Germany, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, Iran, are just a few of the many museums that added his work to their collection.

Gaspirtz is a member of the National Cartoonists Society, the Comic Art Professionals Society and the National Writers Union & Cartoonists Association. And he is the New York representative for the Australian Cartoonists' Group.


(A list of books that contain cartoons by Gaspirtz.)


The Truth About Cinderella
Felix Productions

Where The Heart Is
Personal Power Press

A Treasury of Cocktail Humor
Lincoln-Herndon Press

A Treasury of Business Humor
Lincoln-Herndon Press

A Treasury of Veterinary Humor
Lincoln-Herndon Press

A Treasury of Mom, Pop, & Kids Humor
Lincoln-Herndon Press

A Treasury of Police Humor
Lincoln-Herndon Press

A 5th Portion of Chickensoup For The Soul
Health Communications

Chickensoup For The Country Soul
Health Communications

Alles Muell, oder was?
Lappan Verlag

Das Witzigste aus Gericht & Kanzlei
Moeller Verlag

Das Witzigste aus dem Buero
Moeller Verlag

Die besten Witze & Cartoons des Jahres (14)
Moeller Verlag

Karicartoon 1996
Elefanten Press

Karicartoon 1997
Elefanten Press

Rotbuch Kalender 1998
Rotbuch Verlag

Schreckliche Bilder -
Meisterwerke des schwarzen Humors

Eulenspiegel Verlag

New Statesman

Biennial 1995 Cartoon Art Exhibition Catalog
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art


Weird News. Oliver Gaspirtz is a prominent cartoonist who also compiles Weird News - a collection of items that reveal the human condition in a way that leaves you shaking your head and belly-laughing at matters both weird and macabre.

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