Criminal Injustice: Death and Politics at Attica

Feb 9, 2013 - 0 Comments

A radical new look at the politics of the 40 year cover-up featuring the powerful voices of those who lived and those who died

Criminal Injustice: Death and Politics at Attica is a one-hour broadcast length documentary film that examines the 40+ year cover up of the Attica prison uprising by the Emmy Award-winning production team of David Marshall and Christine Christopher.

Using newly discovered documents and new revelations from eye witnesses, the film lends credibility to allegations of murder, presents new information of involvement by individuals in the White House, and explores the corrupting influence of Nelson Rockefeller's political aspirations on decision made before, during, and long after the controversial and deadly retaking of the prison.
Forty years after this cataclysmic and highly charged event, we have found that many are willing to speak with new candor that adds depth, and in some cases alters, the historic record. The film includes the final interview regarding Attica given by NYT reporter Tom Wicker (who was an observer/negotiator on the scene and author of A Time to Die about his experiences at Attica), Malcolm Bell, the special prosecutor turned whistle blower, Dr. Heather Thompson who is the nation's leading academic authority on the Attica prison uprising -- as well as inmates, former hostages, law enforcement officers and others.

The documentary will be aired on PBS and distribution by California Newsreel is anticipated.

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