Messed Up Identity Case Could See Fresno Mom Wrongly Prosecuted (or not)

Dec 20, 2015

In a made-for-television true crime drama, an “innocent” Fresno mom has been jailed for weeks on “false” accusations she changed her name to hide that she’s a wanted criminal. 

If, however, Melissa Neylon is indeed Melissa Chapman -- a notorious felon wanted on multiple charges of identity theft in Indiana -- then she’ll soon face extradition to that state for prosecution.

Problem is, Neylon and her family insist that she’s not, and that the “falsely accused” young woman’s own identity must have been stolen by the Chapman suspect, leading to her “wrongful” arrest and imprisonment.

Adding to the urgency in this very weird case, is that a confounded California judge, relying on fingerprints and photographs, just decided that Neylon and Chapman are one in the same.

So, whoever the defendant really is, she can expect to remain in police custody indefinitely now; unless her loved ones can actually prove she’s a victim of mistaken -- and stolen -- identity.



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