Maine Man Subpoenaed for Bomb Threats That Closed LA Schools (twitter pic)

Dec 20, 2015

Police believe the “hoax” threats to LA and NYC, which resulted in the closure of the entire Los Angeles school district this month, were emailed by 21-year-old Vincent Canfield of Maine (shown below). 

LA schools terror-threat suspect Vincent Canfield

An information subpoena has just been issued to the college dropout, a spokesman for the NYPD disclosed over the weekend, noting that the terror suspect is currently living in Romania.

Canfield is also thought to be the party responsible for sending the same electronic messages to schools in Florida, Texas and Nevada on the following week.

All of his “poorly worded” terror threats have been deemed hoaxes, but the act of sending the rambling missives is nevertheless a crime.

According to investigators, Vincent Canfield was given only “three days” to truthfully respond to the subpoena he was served this week, due to the “severity” of the offenses committed.

He has reportedly already telephoned the NYPD concerning that document, alleging in a recorded conversation with detectives that there was “some stuff” in the subpoena he “didn’t understand.”

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