The Life and Times of Clarence Ray Allen

Dec 1, 2009 - by Randy Radic

Clarence Ray Allen

A coward and a megalomaniac, Ray Allen gave orders that resulted in the deaths of many people.  At age 76, he was the oldest person ever executed by the State of California.

 by Randy Radic

His name was Clarence Ray Allen.  Born in Blair, Oklahoma in 1930, he asserted he was part Choctaw, which meant he laid claim to being a member of the Muskhogean Indian tribe, which included the Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole tribes. 


The Allen family was dirt poor, so Ray grew up picking cotton.  But Ray was ambitious.  Later, he moved to Fresno, California, where he got married and started his own security company.  Charismatic and hardworking, Ray’s company flourished.  He went from renting a shack for $75 per month to owning a ranch where he raised fancy show horses – Thoroughbreds and Arabians – owned an airplane and had a swimming pool in his backyard. 


For some reason, success and wealth weren’t enough for Ray.  There was a discordant element inside Ray.  Maybe he was simply bored.  Some said he simply went insane.  Whatever the reason, his psyche became tainted.  Ray turned to crime, forming his own gang, which he baptized as the Ray Allen Gang.  Because of his outgoing personality, Ray attracted people like a magnet.  Some of those he attracted were young ne’er do wells, impressionable, impulsive and reckless men who sought an outlet for their dissatisfied lives.  


Ray recruited them and gave them direction.  He turned them into criminals.  The Ray Allen Gang’s most important rule was no snitching.  Ray told the gang that snitches would be killed.  To make his point, he pulled out a newspaper article about two people who had been found dead in Nevada, telling his gang that there was only one punishment for snitches.

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