Jack Zuta – Angina from the Grave

Oct 14, 2009 - by Allan May - 0 Comments

Jack Zuta
Jack Zuta

The murder of Jake Lingle, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, caused a firestorm of publicity and fatal problems for Zuta, so unlovely a hoodlum that his fellow Chicago gangsters despised him.

by Allan May

"We only kill each other," Bugsy Siegel said to a contractor who was worried about getting on Bugsy’s bad side in Las Vegas.

Siegel’s statement held true most of the time. When it didn’t, it created sensational newspaper headlines and outraged citizens. One sensational digression from this rule was the killing of Alfred "Jake" Lingle, a Chicago Tribune reporter, on the afternoon of June 9, 1930, in a crowded pedestrian underpass.

The Lingle case involved North Side mobster Jack Zuta, a hoodlum so sleazy that even his fellow gangsters could barely stomach him.

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