The Guileless Gangster

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Charles "Cherry Nose" Gioe

Charles "Cherry Nose" Gioe

Charles "Cherry Nose" Gioe was the victim of his own naivete. He was forthright before the Kefauver Commission and he fatally misread "Joey" Glimco, Chicago's top labor racketeer.

by Allan May

Charles "Cherry Nose" Gioe was a peripheral character in the Chicago Outfit who climbed the leadership ladder by simply living longer than his peers. In a 24-year mob career that came to an abrupt but predictably violent ending in 1954, Gioe stood out for being a mobster who didn't hide behind the Fifth Amendment when the Kefauver Commission came calling. His gullibility caught up with him when he misinterpreted "Joey" Glimco, Chicago's top labor racketeer.

It is not known how Gioe (pronounced Joy) came by his nickname. His biographical data commences on Feb. 17, 1930 when he and future Chicago mob boss Anthony "Joe Batters" Accardo were arrested for carrying concealed weapons. The two were released the same day and the case was never tried. William Roemer, in his book Accardo: The Genuine Godfather, tells us that Gioe was one of Accardo's "closest pals" during the early 1930s, along with Lawrence "Dago" Mangano who, like "Cherry Nose," rose to a high level in the Chicago Outfit but is best remembered for his own highly publicized murder.

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