The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal

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J. Patrick O'Connor (Author)

"A complex and compelling read that rivals established TV hits while tackling real life injustice" —Booklist

"O’Connor sets forth a careful, well-constructed argument. Whether it changes minds one way or the other remains to be seen, but, he urges, it is time for a new trial." —Kirkus Reviews

"Well-reasoned at every point, O'Connor's convincing book sounds like it could well be the last word on the Mumia case." —Donald Fulsom, former UPI White House reporter

"Factual, balanced, and fair to all sides . . .O'Connor has studied this case and has drawn conclusions based on reflecting upon the facts." —Linn Washington, author, Black Judges on Justice

"Justice is served by the publication of this book." —John Brady, author, Bad Boy: The Life & Politics of Lee Atwater

"O'Connor's . . . efforts and results are most impressive." —Edward Asner, actor

"A well-researched, scrupulously detailed account . . . an indisputable tool." —Socialist Worker

"The author, a seasoned crime reporter, writes in the language of hard facts, without hyperbole or exaggeration, unfounded accusation, or finger-pointing, to reveal the truth about one of the most hotly-debated cases of the twentieth century." —

"This amazing book presents new evidence detailing the frame-up of Mumia and proving, once again, that he is innocent!" —HansBennett,

"O'Connor sets forth a careful, well-constructed argument." —Mother Jones

"This book and the movement that it supports are part of what has become a perverse American Tradition." —

"It is up to us to confront the mainstream media and demand that they stop ignoring this important new book." —Dissident Voice Syndicated from OpEdNews

"Powerful." —New York Amsterdam News


Mumia Abu-Jamal—the most famous death-row inmate in the United States—was sentenced to death in 1982 for allegedly killing police officer Daniel Faulkner. Using the preponderance of evidence to establish that Faulkner shot Abu-Jamal as he approached him and that a passenger in Abu-Jamal’s brother’s car, Kenneth Freeman, then killed Faulkner, this study convincingly shows how the Philadelphia Police Department and District Attorney’s Office framed Abu-Jamal for Faulkner’s killing. In addition, unlike any other book or article on this subject, it describes the overarching role in the case that then-mayor Frank Rizzo and a small, radical, back-to-nature cult called MOVE played.


J. Patrick O’Connor is the editor and publisher of Crime Magazine. He has worked as a reporter for UPI, editor of Cincinnati Magazine, associate editor of TV Guide, and editor and publisher of the Kansas City New Times.

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