A Bug’s Life

Oct 14, 2009 - by Allan May - 0 Comments

Charlie "The Bug" Workman

Charlie "The Bug" Workman

The story of Charlie "The Bug" Workman, who was rumored to have killed 20 men. One of those 20 men was Dutch Schultz.

by Allan May

When I read the biographies of criminals in Jay Nash’s World Encyclopedia of Organized Crime and Carl Sifakis’s Mafia Encyclopedia, I was amazed at the number of murders attributed to certain mobsters. I sometimes think that if all these murders were really committed there wouldn’t be anyone left on the planet (a slight exaggeration).

One of the more prolific murderers was Charlie Workman, variously known as "The Bug," "The Powerhouse," and "Handsome Charlie." He was rumored to have dispatched 20 individuals.

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